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Need foundation repair in Upland, CA? Relax, we have you covered!

All American Traditions gives you foundation repair options based on the needs of your Upland, CA home’s overall conditions as well as a specific repair plan for the site your home sits on.

The affected area is usually the only area that needs repair, not the entire perimeter or the entire home. Though it is possible that multiple areas of your home foundation is failing, it is rare. Don’t let other contractors fool you and tell you something that is not true (we see this all the time). Get multiple bids and talk to each company.

We bid the projects and install our system. This gives us the upper hand to know what your options are. We are not just the company that sells and gives our best guess. You need an experienced inspector to keep costs down and just propose what the issue is and not more.

We will use a manometer to take an elevation reading of your foundation and floor, complete an inspection, find out exactly what your concerns are and give you a written proposal of options to help put you and your home back on solid ground.

It is our goal to make any issue that you have with regard to foundation repair as painless and as easy to deal with as possible. Request Your Free Foundation Report Today!

“Our specialty is Foundation Repair”

Foundation failure, movement, hillside repair and settlement is what All American Traditions specializes in. Something that not everyone suffers from but when one does, the most immediate and educational support is needed.

All American Traditions is here with the solution and help you need. We will have repair and options that work; ones that will eliminate the problem and your worry. We will provide you a permanent solution that you can count on to repair your foundation your home and investment.

Foundation repair can sometimes be costly depending on the approach taken.  Here at All American Traditions, we try to offer you options so that it does not always need to be outside your budget.

It is our goal to make your experience with foundation problems, the easiest they can be.  Call us today.

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“I recently had a Seller find a pretty big issue with the foundation of their home. All American was referred to me by a peer who flips homes and has used them in the past. Phillip came to the property quickly and filled us in on why the property was having this issue and put […]

-Cynthia N., Corona, CA

“We contacted Phillip after our home inspection turned up some cracks in the foundation.  Under a tight timeframe, Phillip was able to come out and evaluate the foundation the very next day.  Once we were able to, we proceeded with the work, and Phillip was able to accommodate the exact day we needed the work […]

-Victoria T., Brea, CA

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