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Cracked and bowing walls can be traced to ground movement. If your home is built against a hillside, are down a slope on a hillside or have a retaining wall that is moving; there is a solution. Tie back helical anchors are installed through the moving soil into more stable soil. Using its mass and weight to hold and in most cases, pull back walls and areas that have started to bow or soil that has begun to creep.

Vertical and angled cracks are usually caused by heaving where horizontal cracking is likely from lateral pressure of the soil against the wall. Seasonal and climatic changes can cause problems with your foundation, too. Hydrostatic pressure, expansive soil or some other problem may cause bowed, buckled or cracked walls. Rebuilding the wall is not always an option. In addition, this generally does not solve the problem. Installing an anchor system into the wall will not only repair the problem but will cost less than trying to replace it.

At All American Traditions, we understand these types of foundation issues. Please fill out an assessment form and allow us to come take a look. We will design a repair method that will eliminate the worry.


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