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When you have a home that is sinking or cracking there is cause for concern. This type of failure usually means there are soil issues that need to be dealt with. Sometimes poor drainage can account for these issues or plumbing leaks. Water that is allowed to soak into the soil and get up under the footing of the home, allows the weight of the home to settle. Just a few inches or even less can cause failure of the foundation causing cracks or areas that sink. Cracks within the home will then begin to appear.

Concrete foundations are one of the best types of foundations to have (has the greatest stability), the stability of the foundation relies on proper site preparation including drainage. Foundations with crawl spaces, that have narrow stem walls, are much more reliant on proper site preparation as they have a smaller/thinner surface area to help support the home.

Soil compaction, slope and drainage are three of the largest factors to ensure you get a solid, long lasting, worry free foundation.

There are several different techniques used to repair a sinking foundation, and each has its own place in certain situations. High-pressure grouting works by injecting grout into unstable soil to improve its integrity, and in some cases, to lift the structure up. Though this is not a permanent repair due to the added weight to an already burdened area, unfortunately it is the method sometimes chosen because it is inexpensive.

Load bearing steel piers can lift and stabilize a sinking foundation; they are economical and a permanent solution to foundation problems.

Helical piers can also be used in some situations where steel push piers cannot. Both options of piers can provide an economical, permanent solution to sinking foundations.

All American Traditions Specialists have 8+ years of experience to help you make the decision on what will work best in your situation.

Foundation repair can sometimes be expensive. All American Traditions gives you as many possible options and educates you on what is possible and how it will work, also what may not work and why. We are here to help you keep your investment safe and offer you with a repair method that will put your foundation back on solid ground.

The first step in fixing a sinking foundation is to have your home evaluated by a professional. A structural engineer is generally the person to hire to diagnose foundation or soil problems and determine what, if anything should be done about it. This process is sometimes expensive and can be avoided initially by use of a Foundation Specialist. They usually work with a number of structural engineers and geotechnical engineers who can draw up plans that are included in the price of Repair. This way you don’t pay twice.


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