Steel Pier Installation for Los Angeles, California

Steel piers are one of the best choices for foundation repair.  Sometimes knows as push piers, resistance piers, micro piles or steel pressed piers they offer a large variety of stabilization options. They are economical, install with very little disruption to landscaping and they remove soil out of the equation.  They work excellent in all kinds of soils and are able to be installed in all types of terrain.

Advantages of this method:
  • Very high capacities
  • Tremendous lifting capacities
  • Installation from inside or outside a home or structure
  • Little disruption to landscaping
  • Full excavation or partial excavation is available
  • Requires minimum soil removal
  • Can reach deeper depths than other types of piers
  • Field load tested every time
  • Quick installation

The push pier uses the weight of your home or building as resistance to reach deep depths within the soil or bedrock.  The function of the push pier is to stabilize your foundation and or lift the structure back to grade vertically.  It takes the home/structures load bearing walls and transfers the weight onto the bracket and steel piers, pulling the issue of soil out of the equation. The resistance of the deep driven steel tubes allow the home or structure to be easily lifted and/or stabilized from any further vertical movement. This is a permanent repair to any area of failure.


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