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Foundation repair is not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially in the Los Angeles, California area. Depending on the application and weight of the structure, there are multiple methods of repair.

At All American Traditions, we specialize in providing personalized foundation repair services to accommodate the unique needs of every customer.

Many factors contribute to foundation issues, and the extent of the damage, as well as the age and the condition of the soil, will indicate what method of repair will provide the best results. With a customized foundation repair plan, the professionals at All American Traditions ensure your property remains strong and stable, and that its long-term value is protected.

The team at All American Traditions is available throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and beyond.

Foundation Repair Methods

The majority of the weight of a home is distributed around the outside perimeter. Though there are load-barring walls within the interior, even second-story weight, but the bulk of the weight is on the outside perimeter walls. Areas of poor soil compaction, poor drainage, water leaks that have saturated the soil, no gutters, clogged gutters or just poor soil in general, is when the problem occurs. When the soil is compromised for any reason, the weight of the structure is able to further compact the area; causing settlement.

The question is what can be done. What methods will work and what methods will not work. If the issue is the soil, the less weight being added to the soil the better. Many contractors might suggest using a form of concrete to beef up the area; lift it and realign it. The problem with this is the additional weight to an area that is already experiencing failure.

Adding weight to an already burdened area may work for a short while but it is not a permanent repair. It is only a temporary fix. With foundation repair solutions from the team at All American Traditions, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results.

The following are some repair methods most common in the industry:


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Foundation Repair Methods