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One of the easiest ways to see if you are receiving a quality foundation repair specialist is to inquire about the equipment they use for repair. If they are using bottle jacks for any type of foundation repair, I am sorry to say you should end your relationship right then and there. Don’t waste any more of your time.

Bottle jacks are cheap, simple and used for car jacks, trailer hitches, or to hold up temporary items that need to be lifted.  The lack of a pressure gauge shows us another deficiency of bottle jacks.  They cannot measure the force applied to a foundation or interior beam and there is no way of knowing if they can sustain the force needed for any length of time.  The fact is; they should not be used to support any type of foundation.

The Interior Support

Interior supports are designed for homes with crawlspaces. Raised foundation homes are always susceptible to sagging floor joists and unsupported beams within a crawlspace.  The Stabilizer levels and stabilizes existing support beams and floor joists with minimal disturbance.  The Stabilizer comes complete with a high strength 3-inch steel column, heavy –duty adjustable threaded rod and connecting steel plate.  It installs quickly without messy concrete or excessive excavation.

In some cases, a 2’ x 2’ hole is dug out under your crawlspace.  Small aggregate is placed at the bottom, a cement cylinder is then leveled within the area, and additional aggregate is placed around the cylinder for added horizontal support. The Stabilizer is then placed on top of this support area, the floor is lifted level or supported.

This type of support system under your home not only supports as the existing supports do but will also outlast any interior support system currently installed.  This system is designed to be adjusted if needed very easily.  Current systems usually are 4×4 pieces of wood, not steel support and can’t be adjusted without removing and replacing them.

All American Traditions Foundation Repair will inspect every year free of charge as a preventative maintenance plan to help keep your home on solid ground.

Advantages of this method:
  • Very high capacities of support
  • Tremendous stabilization capacities
  • Installation is completed without disruption
  • No disruption to landscaping
  • Can require minimal or no soil removal within the crawl space
  • Quick installation
  • Installation is harder in crawl spaces without ample room to move around

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