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Sometimes sticking doors and windows can be the first sign of a foundation problem. It is best if it is inspected as soon as possible, before additional problems appear. When you have issues with doors, they tend to scrape or stick. Other times you can actually see the doors are uneven once they are closed. Some doors may close by themselves; this does not mean you have a ghost. It usually means that somewhere within your foundation, there is sloping and/or movement.

When you have a home that is sinking or sloping, concern is warranted. This type of failure usually means that there are weak soil issues. Sometimes poor drainage or plumbing leaks can account for these issues. Water that is allowed to soak into the soil and get up under the support of the footing, allows the weight of the home to settle. Just a few inches or even less can cause failure of the foundation and cause doors/windows to stick or open improperly.

There are several different techniques used for foundation repair. Each has its own place in certain situations. Sometimes it’s as easy as finding an unknown leak and then to re-stabilize the area that was associated with the leak. The specialists from All American Traditions have the experience to advise you of what will work best and will also try to work within your budget.

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