Foundation Repair Long Beach, CA

There are a number of different factors that can lead to foundation failure and the need for foundation repair services for your home or business. These could be failures such as a cracked foundation wall, sinking foundation, leaning foundation and more. It’s important to have a foundation repair expert diagnose the issue(s) and determine a proper course of action as soon as possible.

It is always in your best interest as a home or business owner to address these problems immediately. Doing so will help you keep costs down and protect your foundation from further damage. Remember, when you need foundation repair in Long Beach, CA, you need All American Traditions.

All American Traditions uses proven methods and the industry’s best products

We are proud to provide foundation repair services to the Long Beach, CA area, and our highest priority is to ensure your home or business is structurally sound. All American Traditions has the experience required to fix your foundation the proper way. We utilize proven methods and the industry’s best products to do so. You’ll experience a hassle-free team that has your best interest in mind. Call us today to get a free home inspection to uncover any issues with your foundation.

Crawl Space Repair in Long Beach, CA

Crawl space repair is the process of fixing a structural issue under your home. This is achieved by various means such as jacks or piers. Much of the air in your home can originate from the crawl space. If there is excess humidity or standing water it can cause mold which may lead to an unhealthy environment as well as damage to structural components. Improper or lack of drainage may be an issue as well. Don’t risk your family’s health any longer; call us today for a free home inspection!


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